Chloe Piene

26 Nov

While I was browsing on one of my favorite blogs again,, I came across these line drawings by the artist, Chloe Piene. They capture a sense of grotesqueness without being vulgar or disgusting. They are just eerie enough to keep me intrigued and not repulsed. They are beautiful.

Sampo, 2001

Her work reminds me of the early 20th century Expressionist Egon Schiele. Here is an example of one of his works:

Self Portrait at St. Sebastian -- Egon Schiele

Here are some more of Chloe Piene‘s drawings:

Girl With Dead Goat, 2002

Death Carrying Her Brood, 2002

Here is a detailed view of the previous drawing:

Death Carrying Her Brood (Detail), 2002

I admire the intricacy and placement of her lines. Some lines meander around the body and are slightly skewed to give it that dark and eerie appeal. Makes me want to perfect my drawing skills!

Here is one more of her drawings for you to enjoy:

Girl Drowning (Flyer With Strands), 2001


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