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Mark Ryden

24 Jan Nurse Sue -- 2006

I love art with an edge. For example, something that may look a certain way but has a darker interpretation. Mark Ryden exemplifies this is in his paintings. At first glance they may look fairytale-like and childish, but upon further examination you can see the strange representations and dark undertones.

“Viewers are initially drawn in by the comforting beauty of Ryden’s pop-culture references, then challenged by their circumstances, and finally transported to the artist’s final intent – a world where creatures speak from a place of childlike honesty about the state of mankind and our relationships with ourselves, each other and our past.”

The Creatrix -- 2005

Incarnation -- 2009

Perhaps this is where Lady Ga Ga got her inspiration for the infamous meat dress?

Jimi Hendrix -- 1999

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Anastassia Elias

22 Jan B598F20A7311-8

French artist Anastassia Elias uses toilet paper rolls to create tiny scenes of everyday life. I love it when artists use unconventional materials and these are so fun. Looks like tedious work but I’m loving the outcome.


23 Dec From Dusk Til Daydreams

While browsing through my favorite fashion blogs I came across this London based photographer Saga Sig on the blog Oracle Fox. I fell in love with her 70’s style shots and her mixed media series. Her editing styles are right up my alley too. Check out her amazing photographs:

De And Me

Water Goddess



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13 Dec

I’d like to see you try to skate on this ramp! With stairs leading to nowhere and an impossible-to-skate parabolic shape, Andrew Lewicki has created a ramp that is true in size and material but useless because of it’s form.

“Sure, skateparks push the envelope of extreme skating and legal walls allow for some elaborate pieces, but they are missing one key element, the mischievousness. They are simulations, you don’t get the excitement of breaking the law, and there is no adventure. [These pieces] are skatepark apparatuses that are not to be skated.” — Andrew Lewicki

"y=x²" -- 2010


7 Dec table_bgrd_12_4USA

Just yesterday I received an e-mail from twitter saying that @Banksy_Graffiti has started following @grooveTOAST! This made me so excited. Maybe Banksy has seen my blog? But wait, who is Banksy? As far as we know he is a street graffiti artist from Bristol, England; that’s about it. He uses stencil graffiti to create controversial artworks in public areas.

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Finals Week!

4 Dec

This week is finals week at UCI, which means I will be on a blogging hiatus. When I come back I plan on revamping grooveTOAST, including special features and segments. Until then I will be cooped up in the library studying Ancient Greek and Roman Art, French grammar, Astronomy, and Medieval Architecture. Wish me luck!

Inspiration for finals week: Pythokritos of Rhodes, Nike, Samothrace, Greece 190 B.C.E.

If any of you have been lucky enough to visit the Louvre in Paris I am sure you have seen this statue of Nike, the Greek goddess of Victory. She is absolutely breathtaking and the lighting is perfection; in fact, I was far more impressed with her than the Mona Lisa. Therefore, she is my inspiration for this week. I hope I come out of my finals victorious!

Broken Fingaz

29 Nov AF1

One of my good friends posted this video on Facebook and I think it is totally awesome! It is made by a crew of street artists from Haifa, Israel called Broken Fingaz. Check it out:

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Wearable Foods by Sung Yeon Ju

27 Nov Tomato, 2010

I love food. I also love fashion. Combine the two and I’m sold. Korean artist, Sung Yeon Ju, has created a series of dresses made out of everyday foods. They are beautifully constructed and look too good to eat.

Banana, 2010

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Chloe Piene

26 Nov Girl With Dead Goat, 2002

While I was browsing on one of my favorite blogs again, Booooooom.com, I came across these line drawings by the artist, Chloe Piene. They capture a sense of grotesqueness without being vulgar or disgusting. They are just eerie enough to keep me intrigued and not repulsed. They are beautiful.

Sampo, 2001

Her work reminds me of the early 20th century Expressionist Egon Schiele. Here is an example of one of his works:

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Mosh Pit

22 Nov Big Mosh Pit, 2007

On one of my favorite blogs, Booooooom.com, I came across this mosh pit series by the artist Dan Witz. I will admit, I do love going to rock/punk rock shows and getting a little rowdy (although my small stature and the fact that I am a girl keep me far away from the center of a mosh pit). These amazing paintings throw you in the action but won’t leave you with any bruises, broken noses, or black eyes.

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